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Kylie Corwin

Contributor through August 2012

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Local Pacific Islander Community Organizations

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Learn more about local San Diego Hawaiian and Polynesian organizations.

Chapter Sixteen

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In chapter 16 Mitra returns and begins work at the University. She has lunch with Roya and tells her some interesting things about Mr. Elmi. Roya begins to receive notes from Shireen through Nasrin.

Chapter Fifteen

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In chapter fifteen, Roya goes to see Shireen in prison.

Chapter Fourteen

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In chapter fourteen Roya is invited to visit Shireen in Tehran. Kyan asks her a very important question.

Chapter Thirteen

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In chapter thirteen demonstrations escalate. Roya learns the sentence for Shireen and Eemon, and attends Ali's funeral.

Chapter Twelve

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In chapter twelve Roya goes to see Jenab, and is kept home by her father.

Chapter Eleven

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In chapter eleven Roya goes to see Shireen and hears something unexpected.

Chapter Ten

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In chapter ten, Roya meets Kyan, a fellow student at her school. Summer comes and she goes to the farm with her father.

Chapter Nine

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In chapter nine school ends and Roya takes her university exams. She and Shireen start university and Shireen gets married. Roya notices a change in her friend.

Chapter Eight

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In chapter eight Roya finds out why Shireen was gone for so long and receives a gift from her.

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