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Pat Finn


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Pat Finn is a producer for KPBS Midday Edition and KPBS Evening Edition.

Finn began her career in broadcasting at KTLA and KCET in Los Angeles. In 1979 she became KPBS’ Public Information Director, then Director of Advertising and Promotion, Program Director, and Director of Broadcasting. She oversaw the station’s local and national productions, including the one-hour documentary Los Romeros: The Royal Family of the Guitar, and Child Protective Services, a one-hour look inside the San Diego County agency responsible for the welfare of at risk children. Both programs also aired on public television stations nationwide.

Finn has earned honors from the Society of Professional Journalists and the Pacific Southwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Recent Stories

Roundtable: Dam Trouble, Labor Union Difficulties, Carlsbad's Power Plans

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Was the near-disaster in Oroville a result of negligence? Some express concern about Sweetwater Dam here. Local labor leader Mickey Kasparian is sued for harassment and retaliation. Is Carlsbad getting a power plant that's unnecessary and obsolete?

Roundtable: SANDAG's New Math; Mexican Pride; Nearby Nuclear Waste

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San Diego Association of Governments staff kept quiet about their faulty revenue projections. Many Tijuana residents who routinely cross the border to spend money are staying home. And Edison is now burying nuclear waste from San Onofre, in spite of efforts to stop it.

Roundtable: San Diegans Cope With Trump Order; Veterans Cope With Wait Times

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President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration was received with shock, awe and general chaos. And it turns out that veterans are still waiting a long time for health care.

Roundtable Special Edition: San Diego's Homeless Crisis

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The number of homeless persons living on the streets has been growing for several months. Why? And where is the political will to put a stop to the misery?

Roundtable: Dumanis, Mexico Gas Protests, Storm Water, Affordable Housing

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It's a big day, and there are big local issues, too, including District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis' big decision, continuing (and big) gas protests in Mexico, the big mess of storm water rules and the big dearth of affordable housing.

Roundtable: The Chargers Are Dead To San Diego

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The San Diego Chargers skipped town, took a powder, left us in the lurch. So we have to find out how to be a big city without an NFL team and figure out what to do with all that Mission Valley property.

Roundtable: Health Care in California, Poway Says No, Charter Schools On The Rise

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About 17 million Californians receive some benefits from Obamacare. What happens if it goes away? The City of Poway says no to 22 affordable homes for vets. Trump's choice to head Education is a fierce advocate for charter schools.

Roundtable: California Vs. Donald Trump

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California, a state that voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton, is getting ready for a fight — or several fights — against the Trump administration over climate, marijuana, immigration and health care.

Roundtable: 2016 Was Quite A Year In San Diego

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Election squeakers in the 49th and 3rd Districts. Victory for pot, defeat for the Chargers. Desperation for the homeless, frustration for renters and home buyers. Fear for migrants without papers. Worry for climate scientists.

Roundtable: New City Council Prez; (Un)Affordable Housing Plan; Chollas Creek May Stay Polluted

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Myrtle Cole will lead the San Diego City Council. The city of San Diego's plan to expedite affordable housing often fast-tracked mansions. Zinc, copper, pesticides and bacteria flow from Chollas Creek to the bay, possibly forever.

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