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Pat Finn


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Pat Finn is a producer for KPBS Midday Edition and KPBS Evening Edition.

Finn began her career in broadcasting at KTLA and KCET in Los Angeles. In 1979 she became KPBS’ Public Information Director, then Director of Advertising and Promotion, Program Director, and Director of Broadcasting. She oversaw the station’s local and national productions, including the one-hour documentary Los Romeros: The Royal Family of the Guitar, and Child Protective Services, a one-hour look inside the San Diego County agency responsible for the welfare of at risk children. Both programs also aired on public television stations nationwide.

Finn has earned honors from the Society of Professional Journalists and the Pacific Southwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Recent Stories

Roundtable Talks Drought (In The Rain)

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Ah, the irony. A Roundtable on the effects of our severe drought broadcasts as we take cover from a drenching rainstorm. Wildfires and more severe water rationing may be postponed a bit, but they're coming to this semi-arid corner of the Golden State. And that will mean changes in priorities, lifestyle, and growth and development, for starters.

Roundtable: U-T Sold; SDUSD Construction Priorities; Balboa Park Repair Backlog

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"Papa" Doug Manchester sells his baby, U-T San Diego. With more than $4 billion in construction funds, SDUSD often favors stadiums over classrooms. A sewage backup at Balboa Park last Sunday is emblematic of a huge maintenance backlog.

Roundtable On Early Political Races, Chula Vista Turmoil, Government Water Use

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It's May 2015. Do you know where (or who) your political candidates are? Chula Vista's trouble completing its city council is not over. And water use among public agencies in the city of San Diego went up by 19 percent.

Mayor Faulconer On San Diego Chargers, 2016 Budget, Water Enforcement

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Mayor Kevin Faulconer talks about the chances of the Chargers staying in San Diego, his proposed 2016 budget, and enforcing mandatory water restrictions.

Roundtable On City Budget, Mexican Farmworkers, Jail Suicides

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The mayor proposed a budget for 2016. Most observers liked it. The farmworkers' strike in Baja California has ended, but the ramifications for U.S. companies continue. A Marine's widow files suit over her husband's suicide in the Vista Jail.

Roundtable Reviews the SDPD, Baja Press Problems, Salton Sea Crisis

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The results of the federal audit of the SDPD are in. Government leaders in Baja are accusing a newspaper chain of extortion. And the Salton Sea is still in deep trouble and the consequences more apparent.

Roundtable Looks At DA's Conspiracy Charges, Bumpy Ride for Airbnb, Abortion Fight In El Centro

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Aaron Harvey could spend the rest of his life in prison based on his presumed association with gangs. Want to rent a room to a vacationer? It's harder than it seems. And El Centro Regional Medical Center has contracted for abortion services with Planned Parenthood spurring protests.

Roundtable: Jessica's Law Ruling, PUC Investigations, City Permit Process

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The California Supreme Court struck down part of Jessica's Law. State and federal authorities are investigating whether California public utilities commissioners were too chummy with those they regulate. And surprise! It takes less time to get a development permit in San Diego than it did nine years ago.

Roundtable On Cory Briggs, One Paseo, Women In Combat

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Prominent San Diego attorney Cory Briggs is involved in some real estate deals that some find questionable. The controversial One Paseo development in Carmel Valley sails through the San Diego City Council. The Marine Corps is exploring whether women can take on combat roles.

Roundtable: Chargers Stadium Debate; Landlord Code Violations

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The Chargers have entered into a surprise agreement with the hated Oakland Raiders to occupy a stadium in an L.A. suburb -- together. Landlords with rafts of health and safety code violations aren't called to account by the city.

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