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Pat Finn


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Pat Finn is a producer for KPBS Midday Edition and KPBS Evening Edition.

Finn began her career in broadcasting at KTLA and KCET in Los Angeles. In 1979 she became KPBS’ Public Information Director, then Director of Advertising and Promotion, Program Director, and Director of Broadcasting. She oversaw the station’s local and national productions, including the one-hour documentary Los Romeros: The Royal Family of the Guitar, and Child Protective Services, a one-hour look inside the San Diego County agency responsible for the welfare of at risk children. Both programs also aired on public television stations nationwide.

Finn has earned honors from the Society of Professional Journalists and the Pacific Southwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Recent Stories

Roundtable: The Marne Foster Mess, Women Marines, New CPUC Head, Nuclear Waste

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The San Diego Unified School Board President is in some hot water. Women Marines fighting for combat-readiness. The California Public Utilities Commission has a new chair, if that makes a difference. San Diego County Supervisors want nuclear waste out of San Onofre — now.

Roundtable: Publisher's Firing, Press Freedom Suit, El Niño, Drought

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Austin Beutner leaves the newspaper biz unwillingly. Cory Briggs' lawsuit against INewsource is thrown out of court. This year's El Nino still looks really big -- could it bust the drought?

Roundtable On Navy Broadway, Toni Atkins, Poway Unified

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Manchester's Navy Broadway complex is one step closer to breaking ground. Toni Atkins has lost her speakership. Two county supervisors find themselves fighting for their seats. And Poway Unified's superintendent altered a critical report.

Roundtable Looks At How The Police Deal With Parole, Transparency, Mental Illness

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Local police departments have issues to deal with. The killer of SDPD officer Archie Buggs is up for parole — again. Chief Shelley Zimmerman's efforts at transparency, especially with videos, have come up short. A lethal shooting in Oceanside highlights how little cops know about mental illness.

Roundtable Digs Into Coastal, Backcountry Development Controversies

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Huge planned developments are riling up residents of Carlsbad and the rural backcountry near Valley Center. Meanwhile, three luxury hotels on Harbor Island may not be built at all, unless developers can comply with a little-known law.

Roundtable: Edison-Mitsubishi Fight; Stadium Financing; Formidable Drug Prices

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Southern California Edison vs. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries over who's to blame for San Onofre. The city's stadium financing plan may (or may not) be moot. And new life-saving drugs are available, but cost as much as a house.

Roundtable Dissects San Onofre Settlement, Transit District Discrimination Suits

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Edison's in hot water over secret meetings with utility regulators, while ratepayers foot a huge bill for San Onofre's closure. The CEO of the North County Transit District is under fire and in court over charges of age and gender bias.

Roundtable Looks At Terminal 1 Re-Do, ICE Detention Case, Downtown Loos

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It's only 48 years old, but Lindbergh Field's Terminal One is approaching the end of its life. Being detained by ICE means entering an alternate legal universe. And should downtown public toilets stay? Or should they go?

Roundtable On Qualcomm Troubles, UCSD Assault Case, Saving Balboa Park

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Increased competition and other factors led Qualcomm to announce layoffs this week and perhaps consider a restructure. A San Diego Superior Court judge has ruled that UC San Diego prevented a student accused of sexual assault from getting a fair hearing. And hopes are high that the Balboa Park Conservancy can raise millions for needed repairs.

Roundtable: Stadium EIR, One-Sided Mayor's Race; UCSD v. USC; Chula Vista Districts

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The San Diego City Council authorizes $2.1 million for an environmental report for a new Chargers stadium. Who's running against the mayor? So far, nobody. UCSD sues USC over alleged poaching of an Alzheimer's study. Chula Vista breaks itself into four districts.

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