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Patty Lane


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Women Speak Out Against Honor Violence

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International women rights activists are in San Diego for the 2014 Women Peacemakers Conference underway at the University of San Diego. We hear from two experts on "honor violence" being committed against women and girls worldwide and find out how the rise in extremism is linked to violence against women.

Avoiding Holiday Cyberscams

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This time last year a major credit card breach was being uncovered at Target stores and consumers learned just how vulnerable they are to cybercriminals. We take a look at cyberscams as many begin their online holiday shopping.

San Diego Woman Recognized For Program Teaching Autistic Children How To Swim

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Drowning is among the leading causes of death for autistic children and one San Diego woman is helping teach them skills that could help save their lives. Tammy Anderson-Lee is being honored for developing a swimming program for children with autism at her swimming school.

Drought Led To Assyrian Empire's Fall — Are There Similarities Today?

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A new study led by a UC San Diego researcher links drought and overpopulation with the demise of the Assyrian empire. As California deals with its own drought, we ask whether ancient mistakes can serve as lessons today.

Addressing SDPD's Retention Problem Begins With More Pay, Officers Say

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After a city-funded statewide salary survey showed the pay of police officers in San Diego ranks near the bottom, Mayor Kevin Faulconer said he is "committed" to finding a solution.

Czech Philharmonic Visits San Diego

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Before the Czech Philharmonic performs in San Diego tonight, hear a live Midday Edition performance from concert master principle and first violinist Josef Spachek.

Mars Rover Curiosity: An Inside Account From The Chief Engineer

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The man who led the Mars rover "Curiosity" mission joins us to discuss the challenges of getting an unmanned robot on the surface of another planet and what we're learning from its mission.

Will San Diegans Turn Out At The Polls Tuesday? Maybe

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Midterm elections don't always get voters excited, and that may be the case in San Diego County, too. A study by the National University System Institute for Policy Research predicts a turnout of 34 percent to 38 percent.

Court Rules Against San Diego County Climate Action Plan

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San Diego County will need to revise its Climate Action Plan after an appellate court ruled in favor of the Sierra Club, stating the plan "does not ensure reductions" of greenhouse gas emissions. We look at what's next.

The Science Behind Our Love For Water

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New York Times best-selling author Wallace J. Nichols joins KPBS to discuss his book, "Blue Mind," and how science can peg our love of water.

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