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Susan Murphy


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Susan Murphy is a multimedia reporter for KPBS. She started working in the newsroom in 2003, and joined the new media team in 2006, where she wrote and edited news content. Susan graduated from San Diego State University with a bachelor's degree in journalism.

Recent Stories

San Diego Chaldean Leader Pushes For Iraq, Syria Refugee Bill

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"My message to Congress is clear," said Mark Arabo, advocate for Iraqi Christians. "If they do not pass this bill, then they’re sentencing my people to death."

San Diegans — Get Ready For Another Heat Wave

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Temperatures across San Diego County could reach 20 degrees above average on Thursday and Friday — from 90 degrees in the inland valleys to the upper 80s along the coast.

Another Heat Wave Takes Aim At San Diego County

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Temperatures along the coast could reach 20 to 25 degrees above average, soaring to the 90-degree mark or higher on Thursday and Friday, according to the National Weather Service.

San Diego Veterans Invited To Voice Questions, Concerns At Town Hall

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The forum is one of many the Veterans Affairs is holding around the country to improve services and rebuild community trust.

San Diego-Based Troops Named On ISIS 'Hit List'

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Nearly three dozen U.S. troops, including some based on the USS Carl Vinson from San Diego, were named on a "hit list" by the self-proclaimed Islamic State terror group, according to the Marine Corps Times.

Some San Diego Farmers Shut Off Water In Prolonged Drought

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San Diego’s 4,000 farms have been hit hard from drought — not because they have run out of water, but because water is squeezing their budgets.

Drought Deepens But No New Water Restrictions For San Diego County

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California’s new water regulations that put limits on outdoor watering days will have little effect on San Diego County because similar conservation measures are already in place here.

Heat Wave Brings Record Temperatures To San Diego

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A heat wave that gripped San Diego from Friday through Sunday, the last weekend of winter, shattered previous daytime high temperatures by as much as 9 degrees.

Winter Heat Wave Hits San Diego County

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Record-breaking heat is expected to develop across San Diego County starting Friday and continuing through Monday.

Wounded Warriors Helped At San Diego VA By Fellow Amputees

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Hundreds of military members lost arms and legs during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Amputees who come to the prosthetic department at the San Diego VA Medical Center find a special connection to those providing their care.

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