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Susan Murphy


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Susan Murphy is a multimedia reporter for KPBS. She started working in the newsroom in 2003, and joined the new media team in 2006, where she wrote and edited news content. Susan graduated from San Diego State University with a bachelor's degree in journalism.

Recent Stories

As Cold Nighttime Temperatures Set In, San Diego Homeless Need Blankets, Jackets

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Nearly 5,000 homeless people in San Diego County are sleeping outside on the streets. As cold and windy conditions loom over the weekend, there’s an urgent need for blankets and jackets to help those without shelter.

San Diego Homeless Brace For Wet, Windy Weather

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With cold, wet and blustery weather expected to move into San Diego Saturday, some temporary emergency homeless shelters across the county are expected to open. Still, thousands of homeless will have to endure the harsh conditions on the streets.

Homeless Choir Singers In San Diego Find Healing Through Music

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“I thought, well, what a wonderful way to have a really wonderful, beautiful choir singing and sounding excellent and to be like, ‘Yes, and all of these people happen to not have a home.’”

On Historic Election Day, San Diego World War II Veterans Reflect On Lifetime Of Voting

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For some members of the so-called Greatest Generation, Election Day is more than just the candidates and issues. Casting a ballot is a way to pay tribute to those who have fought courageously to protect America’s freedoms and right to vote.

San Diego Housing Crisis Drives Some To Relocate, Others To Invest

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The county is in the grips of a housing crisis, pushing some people to seek greener pastures and others to search for buying opportunities.

Invasive Insect Threatens San Diego County's Palm Trees

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Researchers in San Diego County are in a race against an invasive creature on a path of destruction.

Red Flag Fire Warning Reminds San Diegans Of Past October Wildfires

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San Diego’s most destructive wildfires have occurred during the month of October — typically the time of year when vegetation reaches its driest point and strong Santa Ana winds blow in.

Rady Children's Hospital Doctors Urge Flu Vaccine

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The peak of San Diego’s flu season is likely still weeks away, but health officials at Rady Children’s Hospital are urging everyone 6 months and older to get vaccinated now.

Cameras Keep Watch Over Fire-Prone Regions Across San Diego County

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The high-tech instruments that measure seismic motion and monitor climate hazards are also equipped with cameras that allow fire officials to keep watch over remote fire-prone regions.

San Diego Researcher Discovers New 'Potentially Significant' Earthquake Fault

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The newly discovered Salton Trough Fault could be as long as 40 kilometers (about 25 miles), long enough to produce a large-magnitude quake.

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