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Susan Murphy


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Susan Murphy is a multimedia reporter for KPBS. She started working in the newsroom in 2003, and joined the new media team in 2006, where she wrote and edited news content. Susan graduated from San Diego State University with a bachelor's degree in journalism.

Recent Stories by Susan Murphy

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San Diego Homelessness Advisor Reflects On Challenging Year

May 16
By Susan Murphy

Sporting a suit and tie with a shaved head and tattoo on his neck, Herrera, 32, has been on the front lines of the nation’s 4th largest homeless crisis for ten months. He spends much of his time getting to know the people he’s working to help.

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District 6 Council Candidates Outline Plans On Housing, Sewage Pipeline, Homelessness

May 9
By Susan Murphy

The District 6 San Diego City Council campaign trail is heating up in the final sprint to the June primary election. The candidates seek to replace incumbent Chris Cate, actively participating in forums and debates.

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Council Candidates Talk Vacation Rentals, Homelessness In District 2 Race

May 7
By Susan Murphy

With the June 5 primary election fast approaching, six candidates vying to unseat incumbent Lorie Zapf in the race for San Diego City Council District 2 are pushing hard in the home stretch.

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San Diego's Rainy Season Moving Out, Dry Stretch Setting In

April 30
By Susan Murphy

Light rain showers are in the forecast for San Diego on Tuesday, but the much needed wetness is not expected to put a dent in the region’s unprecedented precipitation deficit.

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San Diego County Faces Rise In Dementia Patients

April 20
By City News Service, Susan Murphy

Two studies released Friday indicate San Diego County will see increasingly devastating health and economic effects from dementia-related diseases in coming years.

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San Diego Trash Cleanup Hits 500-Ton Milestone

April 10
By Susan Murphy

City workers, dressed in hazmat suits and armed with rakes and trash bags, have spent the past seven months clearing away trash and debris from river beds, streets and alleyways as part of the Clean San Diego initiative.

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San Diego Church Offers Sanctuary To Immigrants Facing Deportation

April 4
By Susan Murphy

As San Diego County Supervisors are preparing to vote on whether to join the fight against California’s Sanctuary laws, a San Diego church announced Tuesday it will provide its own sanctuary to immigrants facing deportation.

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Climate Change Threatens Bird Migrations, Habitats In San Diego County

April 2
By Susan Murphy

It’s the most popular time of the year for birds to begin breeding and nesting in San Diego County, but climate change could soon force many feathered creatures to change their schedules.

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Trump's Planned Visit To San Diego Draws Supporters, Protesters and Tight Security

March 12
By Jean Guerrero, Susan Murphy

Security preparations are underway for President Donald Trump's expected visit to San Diego on Tuesday, when he will inspect eight prototypes for his proposed border wall.

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Moving San Diego Homeless From Tents To Permanent Housing Slow But Steady

March 1
By Susan Murphy

Thursday marks three months since the opening of the city of San Diego’s first large tent shelter. Hundreds of homeless people living under the big gray dome are finding healing and a fresh start, but some may end up living there longer than expected.

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