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Tom Fudge

News Editor

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A journalist with 25 years of experience, Tom joined KPBS in 1998 to cover San Diego issues related to growth, transportation, and development. In September of 1999, Tom took over as host of These Days (now Midday Edition) where he served for nearly a decade. Now a news editor, Tom supervises reporting by the KPBS arts and investigations teams. He also edits stories related to science and border coverage.

Tom began his broadcasting career in 1988 at WSUI Radio in Iowa City as a reporter and newscaster. He then spent five years at Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) where he worked as a reporter. Following his departure from MPR, Tom was a freelance journalist, working for Twin Cities Public Television, WCCO Radio, and a variety of regional and national newspapers and magazines.

He has received recognition for his outstanding work in hosting and public affairs reporting from the Unity Awards, the Northwest Broadcast News Association, and the San Diego chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

Recent Stories

UCSD Gets $8 Million For Stem Cell Research

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UC San Diego will use the money to create an "alpha clinic" for human stem cell trials. It's part of the work being funded by the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

Balancing Housing Density And Community Character In San Diego

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Terms like "smart growth" and "housing density" can be hot buttons for residents who don't want added homes and increased transit. But with San Diego's population increasing - how do you balance housing growth and retain community character?

San Diegans Sharing Their Big Ideas At Tedx Event

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Maybe you know about Ted Talks and maybe you've seen or heard one. San Diego has its own Ted organization. We'll bring you two of the big ideas that will be shared at an upcoming Tedx America's Finest City conference happening in San Diego next weekend.

Manufacturing Contributes Nearly 9% To San Diego Economy

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What do drones, 3-D printers, beer and guitars have in common? They all make up part of San Diego's manufacturing sector — an industry that plays a big role in the region’s economy, a new National University study shows.

San Diego County Retirement Board To Decide Chief Investment Officer's Fate

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KPBS Midday Edition looks at another huge pension fund that's underfunded and is taking risks to try to make up for it.

Tony Young Heads New Nonprofit Rise San Diego

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Former San Diego Council President Tony Young and former council candidate Dwayne Crenshaw are joining forces and starting Rise San Diego, a new nonprofit aimed at driving civic engagement and fostering leadership San Diego's urban neighborhoods.

What Impact Will California Plastic Bag Ban Have On Businesses, Consumers?

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California became the first state to impose the nation's first statewide ban on single-use plastic bags this week. We take a look at what impact the law might have on consumers, retailers.

Mayor Faulconer On Terrorism, Services For Homeless

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In his monthly update on the business of the city, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer tackled a number of topics ranging from terrorism to services for the homeless on KPBS Midday Monday.

DNA Test Exonerates CSU San Marcos Frat House Rape Suspect

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The Oceanside Police Department say a CSU San Marcos student accused of raping a female student at a fraternity house party has been cleared by a DNA test.

One Man's Quest For Good Bread Turns Into An Adventure In Baking Around The World

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A journalist turned award-winning baker and author is sharing his secrets about making the perfect loaf of bread in a new memoir, "In Search of the Perfect Loaf — A Home Baker's Odyssey."

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