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Tom Fudge

News Editor

Photo of Tom Fudge

A journalist with 25 years of experience, Tom joined KPBS in 1998 to cover San Diego issues related to growth, transportation, and development. In September of 1999, Tom took over as host of These Days (now Midday Edition) where he served for nearly a decade. Now a news editor, Tom supervises reporting by the KPBS arts and investigations teams. He also edits stories related to science and border coverage.

Tom began his broadcasting career in 1988 at WSUI Radio in Iowa City as a reporter and newscaster. He then spent five years at Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) where he worked as a reporter. Following his departure from MPR, Tom was a freelance journalist, working for Twin Cities Public Television, WCCO Radio, and a variety of regional and national newspapers and magazines.

He has received recognition for his outstanding work in hosting and public affairs reporting from the Unity Awards, the Northwest Broadcast News Association, and the San Diego chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

Recent Stories

San Diego Architects Take Another Look At Solar

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Local architects are finding new ways to incorporate solar into homes and buildings.

San Diego Black Film Festival Opens This Week

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With more than a hundred films — documentaries, shorts, feature films — showing over five days, the San Diego Black Film Festival is a vital venue for filmmakers and actors to tell stories about the black experience.

What San Diego’s High School Students Can Expect On The New SAT

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It’s the first major overhaul to the SAT college entrance exam in nearly 30 years.

Churches Pitch In To Help San Diego Homeless

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When a Midday Edition guest lamented last week that he didn't see churches stepping up to help the homeless, that didn't sound quite right. We looked into it and found lots of helping hands in area churches.

Ron Roberts Takes Charge

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From the Chargers to land use, infrastructure to transportation, Ron Roberts — as chair of the Board of Supervisors and the board of SANDAG — will be right in the thick of 2016's biggest issues.

Flood Insurance: What Good Is It?

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If any year was a good year to purchase flood insurance, this is it, says the California Department of Insurance. So what good is it to homeowners and renters?

What’s For Dinner? San Diego Experts Examine New USDA Dietary Guidelines

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The new American Dietary Guidelines were published by the U.S. Department of Agriculture last week. Based on the guidelines, what should the be on the average San Diegan's plate at breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Escondido Exhibit Untangles History of Hair

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A new exhibit opening Saturday at the California Center for the Arts in Escondido examines hair trends from Africa and how they are linked to cultures and identity.

New California Laws Go Into Effect Friday

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From laws aimed at closing the gender pay gap to new rules of the road, here are the new laws you need to know about before you ring in the new year.

Top Words And Phrases Of 2015: Deflategate, Cuckservative, Nae-Nae

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Grant Barrett, co-host of public radio's "A Way With Words," discusses how language evolved in 2015.

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