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Tom Fudge

News Editor

Photo of Tom Fudge

A journalist with 25 years of experience, Tom joined KPBS in 1998 to cover San Diego issues related to growth, transportation, and development. In September of 1999, Tom took over as host of These Days (now Midday Edition) where he served for nearly a decade. Now a news editor, Tom supervises reporting by the KPBS arts and investigations teams. He also edits stories related to science and border coverage.

Tom began his broadcasting career in 1988 at WSUI Radio in Iowa City as a reporter and newscaster. He then spent five years at Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) where he worked as a reporter. Following his departure from MPR, Tom was a freelance journalist, working for Twin Cities Public Television, WCCO Radio, and a variety of regional and national newspapers and magazines.

He has received recognition for his outstanding work in hosting and public affairs reporting from the Unity Awards, the Northwest Broadcast News Association, and the San Diego chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

Recent Stories

California Assembly To Consider Bill To Regulate Medical Marijuana

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Assembly BIll 266, authored by Assemblyman Rob Bonta, could come up for a vote on the Assembly floor as soon as Wednesday.

Beating Expectations: San Diego Homeless Program Saves Lives, Money

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Community leaders take a look at what is next for Project 25, a program helping the chronically homeless in San Diego County and saving millions of dollars in public resources.

San Diegans Reflect On The End Of World War II

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This year marks the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. On this Memorial Day, we take a look back at the war that dramatically changed the country and San Diego.

San Diego County's Unemployment Rate Dips To Nearly 8-Year Low

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San Diego County's unemployment rate dropped to 4.8 percent — the lowest rate the region has seen in almost a decade.

North San Diego County Ramps Up Water Recycling

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After connecting the Farms Golf Club in Rancho Santa Fe with purple pipes, recycled water is coming to the Village Park area of Encinitas.

San Diego Women Fought For Role In 1915 Expo At Balboa Park

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Historians explain how the 1915 Panama-California Exposition, which created the Balboa Park we know today, was also a touchstone of the women’s movement in San Diego.

How A San Diego Man Survived The Holocaust

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Lou Dunst survived concentration camps and slave labor camps, and also eluded death by gas chamber during the Holocaust. He shares his story of survival as Jews around the world commemorate Yom HaShoah.

San Diego Psychologists Explain How To Teach Kids To Solve Problems

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San Diego child psychologists turned authors discuss how a life filled with instant gratification can produce unintended consequences.

Meal Gap Study Shows How Hunger Hits San Diego County

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A new study finds that while the number of San Diegans suffering from food insecurity is down there are still thousands that are impacted by hunger.

Adult Bike Helmet Bill Is Amended Away

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A state Senate bill that would have made California the only state to require adults to wear helmets while riding a bike was amended to require only a study.

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