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Tom Fudge

News Editor

Photo of Tom Fudge

A journalist with 25 years of experience, Tom joined KPBS in 1998 to cover San Diego issues related to growth, transportation, and development. In September of 1999, Tom took over as host of These Days (now Midday Edition) where he served for nearly a decade. Now a news editor, Tom supervises reporting by the KPBS arts and investigations teams. He also edits stories related to science and border coverage.

Tom began his broadcasting career in 1988 at WSUI Radio in Iowa City as a reporter and newscaster. He then spent five years at Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) where he worked as a reporter. Following his departure from MPR, Tom was a freelance journalist, working for Twin Cities Public Television, WCCO Radio, and a variety of regional and national newspapers and magazines.

He has received recognition for his outstanding work in hosting and public affairs reporting from the Unity Awards, the Northwest Broadcast News Association, and the San Diego chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

Recent Stories

Stay Classy: NPR’s Ari Shaprio Sings With Pink Martini At Shelter Island

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People have heard his dulcet tones delivering the news on KPBS, but longtime NPR journalist Ari Shapiro can also sing. He preforms Thursday night at Humphrey's, as a guest singer of the band Pink Martini.

Now Hiring: San Diego Unified Aims To Fill Teacher Vacancies

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Amid a nationwide teacher shortage, San Diego Unified held a three-day job fair this week to fill 40 teaching positions.

San Diego, Tijuana Experts Tackle Homelessness On The Border

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A public forum in San Diego explores how the issues of homelessness on both sides of the border are related, and what can be done to bring the numbers down.

San Diego Experts Talk Health Benefits Of Eating More Seafood

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What are the health benefits of eating seafood? And what difference does it make what kind of seafood you eat?

Writer Explores San Diego’s Best Scenic Drives

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As a kid growing up in San Diego, Jack Brandais remembers going on Sunday drives. He compiled some of his favorite scenic drives, from the coast to the back country, in a series of Kindle books called Joyride Guru.

What It Takes For Non-Traditional College Students To Succeed In San Diego

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Roughly 50 percent of San Diego community college students are 25 or older. What does it take for those so-called "non-traditional students" to succeed in college?

Australia Offers Lessons In Mitigating California's Drought

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Desalination has become a hot topic as California looks to mitigate the ongoing drought. Midday Edition takes a look at lessons learned from Australia's drought.

Show Them The Money! San Diego Fans Play Fantasy Football

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Many San Diegans gathered this weekend to pick their Fantasy Football teams. Midday Edition discusses the game and who is making money from it.

What San Diego Is Doing To Keep Pollution Out Of The Pacific Ocean

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According to San Diego Coastkeeper, 80 percent of marine debris in the Pacific Ocean comes from inland sources through storm drains.

The Trouble With Parking At Balboa Park

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Access to San Diego’s crown jewel is a challenge for visitors and the park organizations that don’t want to turn them away.

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