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Proposition 85 Seeks Parental Notification for Abortions

A new parental notification proposition is on the November ballot, and it is not short on controversy. Host Tom Fudge talks to a concerned mother who feels that childrens' privacy should take a back s

Proposition 85 Seeks Parental Notification for Abortions

Last year California voters rejected Proposition 73, which would have required girls under 18, who wanted to get an abortion, to notify a parent or guardian first. This year the measure is back on the ballot, in the form of Prop. 85.

Prop. 85 is being bankrolled by Jim Holman, publisher of the San Diego Reader. Holman is an anti-abortion activist who has contributed millions of dollars to the effort to require parental notification in California. Supporters of Prop. 85 say parents should be involved in a girl’s decision to have an abortion. Critics say the measure will do more harm than good, and it’s little more than an attempt to chip away at overall right to legal abortions.



  • Grace Dulaney , retired business owner and concerned mother of four who supports Proposition 85.
  • Vince Hall , communications director for Planned Parenthood of San Diego and Riverside Counties, and official spokesperson for the “No on 85” campaign.