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Former Senator Explores Religious Divide in the U.S.

These days, religion plays an increasingly greater role in American politics. Former U.S. Republican Senator and ordained Episcopal priest, John Danforth, discusses why he thinks Christianity is divi

Former Senator Explores Religious Divide in the U.S.

Religious belief means different things to different people. And to many people who vote in American elections, it’s the compass they follow when they go to the polls. One of the most remarkable things about national politics over the past ten years is the emergence of religious conservatives. They have become a tremendously potent force, and they have aligned themselves with the GOP. It’s fair to say that few Republicans could win office without them.

The GOP’s reliance on conservative and evangelical Christians doesn’t set well with all Republicans. One of the most vocal critics of the so-called “religious right” is former Missouri Senator John Danforth. Interestingly, Danforth is an ordained priest in the Episcopal church. He’s written a book called Faith and Politics .



  • Senator John Danforth , former three-term U.S. Republican Senator from Missouri, an ordained Episcopal priest, and the author of Faith and Politics.