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Local Company Uses Fish to Fight Terror

Fish are the newest addition to America's line of defense against terrorism. A local company has used a freshwater bluegill as an early warning sensor that could detect a toxin in the water supply. Th

Local Company Uses Fish to Fight Terror

If there’s something fishy about the water supply in San Francisco, there’s a fish in the water that’s supposed to let people know. The freshwater bluegill is a species that’s particularly sensitive to toxins in water. And coupled with technology made by a Poway company, the fish is capable of warning cities of attempts to poison the water. Amazingly, the humble bluegill is a sentry in the war on terror.

Bill Lawler is co-founder of Intelligent Automation Corporation, based in Poway. His company has pioneered this new fish technology. Lawler discusses the potential for fish sentries.



  • Bill Lawler , co-founder of Intelligent Automation Corporation.