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Couple Describes How to Divorce Amicably

Divorce court often leads to jealousy, betrayal, and messy litigation. Mediation can be an alternative to prolonged and costly court battles. A couple going through the mediation process shares thei

Couple Describes How to Divorce Amicably

Lawyers will tell you that there’s no branch of the law more difficult or emotional than family law. Years of emotional bonds, jealousy and feelings of betrayal make divorce court a coliseum where gladiators fight over children and worldly goods.

Some people who hope to avoid all that have chosen mediation as a way of getting divorced. In mediation, the couple meets with a mediator, who helps them draw up an agreement that suits both sides. At that point, the parties may take the agreement and show it to an attorney to make sure there are no problems with it. If not, the agreement is sent to the court to be made official. Dick and Kathy Bayer are in the process of getting divorced through mediation.


  • Bill Eddy , senior family mediator with The National Conflict Resolution Center.
  • Dick Bayer , lawyer at the Law Office of Richard S. Bayer concentrating on complicated on business disputes.
  • Kathy Bayer, going through mediation.