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After-School Care Makes a Comeback

The financial problems at the City of San Diego forced the city to withdraw support of the school district's six-to-six after-school care program. Now, money from Proposition 49 will soon be available

After-School Care Makes a Comeback

Tom Fudge : Do you remember proposition 49? No. Of course you don’t. So let me try this one. Do you remember Arnold Schwarzenegger, before he was governor, when he campaigned hard for a proposition to pay for after-school care? That was Prop. 49, and it passed in 2002, a year before Schwarzenegger won the recall election.

People saw Prop. 49 as Arnold’s attempt to lay the political groundwork for his run for office. The proposition also earmarked about half a billion dollars a year for before and after-school care. Prop. 49 contained a provision that assured it wouldn’t take effect in times of a budget crisis. But now that revenues in California are up, the money is ready to flow. And that’s good news for San Diego’s six-to-six program, which recently cut services due to the city’s financial problems.



  • Steve Amick , coordinator of after-school programs for the San Diego County Office of Education.
  • Sandra McBrayer, CEO of the Children’s Initiative.