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Hispanic Leaders Discuss Role of Latino Vote

The Latino population in California becomes larger each year, but will that translate into more voters at the ballot box? Hispanic leaders discuss the role of Latinos in the November elections.

Hispanic Leaders Discuss Role of Latino Vote

Tom Fudge: Hoy marchamos. Manana votamos . That’s what a lot of politically active Latinos were saying last spring when pro-immigrant marches filled the streets of major cities, including San Diego. But manana is virtually upon us. Will Latinos vote in greater numbers in next month’s election? And if so, which party will they favor?


  • Gabriel Escobar , associate director for publications for the Pew Hispanic Center.
  • Phil Colon, creator and co-founder of Voto Latino.
  • Uvaldo Martinez , San Diego County chairman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly. (RNHA).