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San Diegans Share the Travails of Life Without a Car

Some people who live in San Diego choose not to own a car. They get around by foot, by bike, by bumming rides and using public transit. Two such rare creatures discuss the pros and cons of going carle

San Diegans Share the Travails of Life Without a Car

Tom Fudge : When you stop to think abut it, it’s not surprising to hear that a lot of Americans don’t own cars. But most of us figure that those people are the unfortunate folks who are unable to own or drive cars. They’re too young. They’re too old. Or they’re too poor to afford one.

But there are people who choose to go carless, even in this metropolis of freeways, wide streets and missing sidewalks. So how do they get around? What do they do when they have to meet someone in Vista or Rancho Peñasquitos?



  • Chris Michels, salesman and bicycle mechanic at Adams Avenue Bicycles. 
  • Paul Blackburn , former director of Move-San Diego and chairman of the energy subcommittee of the San Diego Sierra Club.