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Barrio Logan Homeless Shelter Raises Questions

Earlier this week the San Diego City Council voted to open its winter homeless shelters. But their plans to keep the city shelter in Barrio Logan open for an additional 46 days, don't sit well with me

Barrio Logan Homeless Shelter Raises Questions

Tom Fudge : On Monday, the San Diego City Council adopted a plan to end chronic homelessness by building permanent housing for the hardcore homeless. But pending a solution to the problem, they also approved their annual stop-gap measure, namely the Winter Shelter Program. The city does this every year by declaring a homeless shelter crisis. This year, in fact, they decided to maintain a temporary shelter in Barrio Logan for an additional 40-some days.

This didn’t sit well with 8th-District Councilman Ben Hueso, or members of the Barrio Logan community. They say the homeless shelter has a serious impact on the community. What’s more, it will be located, this year right next to a hazardous waste cleanup site.


  • Carlos Castaneda , attorney and resident of Barrio Logan.
  • Alison St. John , San Diego city hall reporter for KPBS news.