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San Diego Charger Suspended for Steroid Abuse

Local sports reporter Mark Zeigler talks about San Diego Charger Shawne Merriman's reputation, why athletes take the risk with steroids, and how the NFL may face more scrutiny about steroid use.

San Diego Charger Suspended for Steroid Abuse

Tom Fudge: On Sunday, the San Diego Chargers lost by three points to Kansas City. The next day we got another bit of bad news about the San Diego team. Star line-backer Shawne Merriman got a four-game suspension for testing positive for steroids.

Merriman says he did nothing wrong. And he is appealing the suspension. Merriman was last year’s defensive rookie of the year in the NFL. Losing him for several games will be a blow to the Chargers.


The Merriman case begs the question of how much of a problem performance-enhancing drugs arein the NFL. This morning, sports reporter Mark Ziegler addressed that question in an article in the San Diego Union-Tribune . Mark has done stories about performance-enhancing drugs in many sports, from major league baseball to the Tour de France.


  • Mark Zeigler , sports reporter for the San Diego Union-Tribune .