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Exploring the Local Media Marketplace

The media industry is changing as fast as just about any large industry in America. We’ll talk with journalism professor Dean Nelson about how the Internet is impacting the traditional media and what

Exploring the Local Media Marketplace

Tom Fudge : We live in an era of exploding information technology. And it should be no surprise that this has changed the media world as we have known it. And how have we known it? It’s the newspaper that’s dropped on your doorstep in the morning. It’s the familiar TV anchor you see every night on the evening news. It’s Time magazine, and the radio stations you have on your car radio preset. These kinds of media aren’t going away. But they are definitely losing market share to the Internet. We’re going to look at the latest trends in media today, and ask how the new world is affecting the media we use.


  • Brian Sacks , publisher of bizSanDiego. 
  • Dean Nelson , journalism professor at Point Loma Nazarene University.
  •  Nikki Finke , media columnist for LA Weekly