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Voters Complain About New Machines

San Diego County unveiled its new electronic voting system today. And some voters didn’t like it. KPBS Reporter Kenny Goldberg has the story.

Tierrasanta resident Jenny Ubanco says at first, the new electronic voting machine seemed to work fine. But then she ran into a problem.

Ubanco: I selected the governor and I proceeded with my polling, and I was looking for the treasurer, so I went backwards, and I noticed there was a different governor selected.

Ubanco says she alerted a poll worker, who showed her how to adjust her vote. But Ubanco says it made her feel very uneasy.


San Diego voter Christy Cheatham says she didn’t care for the new machine, either.

Cheatham: It did everything I wanted it to do, but it took twice as long. And so, I think next year I want to do an absentee ballot.

County election officials say there were sporadic problems with the voting machines. But officials maintain overall, the new system worked smoothly.