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Developments in Diabetes Management and Prevention

Diabetes is a lifelong disease that has long required careful management. A professor of medicine at UCSD discusses promising therapies that help diabetes patients take control and what we can do to l

Developments in Diabetes Management and Prevention

Tom Fudge : Diabetes is the American health epidemic of the early 21st century. There are an estimated 15 million people in America who are diagnosed with the disease. That’s a two-fold increase since 1980, according to the Centers for Disease Control. The increase has largely been in type-2 diabetes, which is related to diet and weight-gain in adults.

All of this has made the work of Dr. Steve Edelman more important. Steve is diabetic himself. He’s a professor in the UCSD school of medicine. And he’s founder and director of the group, Taking Control of Your Diabetes.


His non-profit group is holding its annual conference and health fair this weekend in San Diego. Steve joins me to talk about the latest in treatment, diagnosis and prevention of diabetes.


  • Dr. Steven Edelman, professor of medicine at the UCSD Veterans Affairs Medical Center and founder and director of the group,Taking Control of your Diabetes, which holds its annual conference this weekend.