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Borat, Volver, Babel, Casino Royale

Beth Accomando and Scott Marks are in studio for opinionated talk about new films. Expect a mix of ranting and laughter as the Film Club critics review "Borat," "Volver," "Babel" and "Casino Royale."

Borat, Volver, Babel, Casino Royale

Tom Fudge : Will America survive Borat ? We’ll talk about the fumbling adventures of a fake Kazakh journalist and review three other new movies on the Film Club of the Air. The new movie Borat is vulgar, misogynist, racist and movie audiences really, really like it. We’ll talk about the provocative comic masterwork by British actor and filmmaker Sacha Baron Cohen. Also, Pedro Almadovar “returns” with a new movie about women called Volver . A celebrated Mexican film maker tells a global story of random connections called Babel. And Bond, James Bond, returns in the form of actor Daniel Craig in the remake of Casino Royale .

  • Borat is currently playing in area theaters. 
  • Volver opens Wednesday, November 22nd at Landmark’s Hillcrest cinemas.
  • Babel is currently playing in area theaters.
  • Casino Royale opens Friday at area theaters.


  • Beth Accomando , KPBS film critic.
  • Scott Marks , film critic for the Gay and Lesbian Times.