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When to Put on the Brakes: Elderly Drivers

In July of 2003, 86-year-old George Weller lost control behind the wheel of his car plowing into a crowded Farmers Market in Santa Monica. In about 10 seconds, he killed 10 people and injured 63. As h

Driving is almost required in southern California. Kids itch to begin driving at 16. But when should it end? Take the case of 86-year-old George Weller who mowed down 73 people in Santa Monica 3 years ago when he lost control of his car. What are the signs that it’s time for an elder to give up the car keys? Host Gloria Penner talks to a registered nurse and eldercare specialist about suggestions for how family members can handle this delicate transition.


  • Stella Henry, registered nurse, eldercare specialist and author, The Eldercare Handbook: Difficult Choices, Compassionate Solutions .