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Reporters Discuss SEC Settlement; Sanders’ Five-Year Plan; Real Estate Pricing; Padres Management

Mayor Jerry Sanders laid out his 5-year plan to get San Diego back on solid financial footing. It means more than 900 job cuts for city workers. On Friday’s Full Focus, we’ll talk about the implic

Tonight on Full Focus, KPBS reporter Eric Anderson talks with reporters about Tuesday’s U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission settlement with the City of San Diego, which said the City committed securities fraud. Plus, we’ll discuss Mayor Jerry Sanders’ five-year financial outlook for 2008-2012, which he says changes the city’s behavior of “amassing long-term obligations” without the money to pay for them. We’ll hear about a possible stop in the real estate price-slide and new management for the Padres.   Guests

  • Amita Sharma, KPBS News.

  • Evan McLaughlin,

  • Roger Showley, San Diego Union Tribune.

  • Bob Chandler, Former Padre Broadcaster.