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Musical Tells Heartbreaking Story of Hank Williams

How did Hank Williams write all of those great songs before he died at age 29? A country western musical tells the story of legendary songwriter Hank Williams. Cast members from the musical discuss th

Musical Tells Heartbreaking Story of Hank Williams

Tom Fudge: Lost Highway is the name of a musical about the life of Hank Williams. And it’s now on stage at the San Diego Repertory. I’ll speak with two actors, including the one who plays Hank Williams. And we’ll hear some of the music that made Williams a central figure in the development of American popular music.

Hank Williams: Lost Highway
is currently playing at the San Diego Repertory Theater in downtown San Diego. The show runs through December 17th.


  • Van Ziele r, plays Hank Williams in the San Diego Repertory production of Lost Highway.
  • Mississippi Charles Bevel , plays the character of Tee-Tot.