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Decade Long Debate Over Medical Marijuana Continues

Medical marijuana became legal in California 10 years ago when voters approved Proposition 215. But according to federal law, this use remains illegal. Host Tom Fudge explores how these legal variatio

Decade Long Debate Over Medical Marijuana Continues

Tom Fudge : Californians passed Proposition 215 10 years ago. And polls show that support for the use of medical marijuana has not wavered since then. But growers and users of medicinal pot are still being arrested. And federal drug policy still runs in direct conflict with Prop 215. I’ll speak with a patient who uses marijuana, and we’ll hear views on both sides of the issue as we ask when and how this debate can be settled.


  • Craig McClane, patient who uses medical marijuana for a spinal cord injury.
  • Kevin McClure , executive director San Diego Prevention Coalition.
  • Bruce Mirken, director of communications for the Marijuana Policy Project.