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Big Box Retailers Could Face Fight in San Diego

The national debate over whether government should regulate large retail development has hit San Diego. The San Diego City Council is considering an ordinance that bans Wal-Mart from building its Supe

Wal-Mart’s Supercenters are different from their traditional stores. In addition to retail goods, these mega-stores sell groceries, and take up a lot of real estate – up to 220,000 square feet. Wal-Mart is so successful in selling groceries that within eight to nine years, Wal-Mart developed into not only being the nation’s largest private employer and seller of retail goods, it is now also the nation’s largest grocer. Those who are fighting against the big box retailer think Wal-Mart’s Supercenters come with too high of price tag that San Diego shouldn’t have to pay. Others argue that it is unfair to single out one retailer and impede its business model based on cheap prices that benefit all consumers. Next week San Diego City Council may consider whether or not San Diego has enough room for Supercenters. Guests

  • Chris Reed , editorial writer, San Diego Union-Tribune.
  • Art Castanares , land-use consultant and president of Cornerstone Strategies.