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Safe Cosmetics Act Protects California Consumers

The California Safe Cosmetics Act went into effect in January 2007. What is this bill and who will it affect? Do other states have similar requirements? Are chemicals in cosmetics really causing repro

Safe Cosmetics Act Protects California Consumers

Tom Fudge: January 1st is the day when a lot of new laws go into effect. And this year the California Safe Cosmetics Act kicked in. This law is an attempt to rid cosmetics of toxic substances.

Carole Migden was the author of the legislation that passed during last year’s session. She joins me now to tell us how the law will be put in practice, and how concerned women have to be about what they put on their faces and fingernails.  



  • Carole Migden , California state senator representing San Francisco and Marin Counties and author of the California Safe Cosmetics Act.