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San Diego Opera Season Opens with Music by Boris Godunov

We speak with an internationally acclaimed opera conductor about conducting the San Diego Opera’s upcoming production of Boris Godunov.

San Diego Opera Season Opens with Music by Boris Godunov

Tom Fudge: This weekend, the San Diego Opera will mount a new production of Boris Godunov by Modest Mussorgsky. Boris Godunov was a 17th century czar who followed the reign of Ivan the Terrible.  The story of his life, told by Mussorgsky, is very Shakespearean. Boris gains the throne through intrigue and murder, and his conscience is tortured by the deeds that he's done. Some critics call this the quintessential Russian opera, and the San Diego Opera has gotten itself a quintessential Russian to conduct it.

Boris Godunov opens on Saturday, January 27 th and runs for four performances at the Civic Theater. 



  • Maestro Valery Ryvkin, one of the leading opera conductors in the United States. He is currently artistic director of Opera Santa Barbara and he’s in San Diego to conduct their season opener Boris Godunov .