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Stomach Flu On the Rise

Norovirus, known as the “winter vomiting disease,” is contagious, easy to spread, and very unpleasant. It’s making its way to cities across the country including San Diego. We’ll speak with a lo

Stomach Flu On the Rise

Tom Fudge: ‘Tis the season for gastroenteritis. The stomach flu, as it’s normally called, is making its way across the country. And this year it seems to be having a greater impact. New stories have focused on how this viral disease has hit several cruise ships. Last month, a Holland America ship arrived in San Diego with 68 people showing symptoms. Elsewhere in the state, there have been outbreaks in nursing homes and at San Quentin Prison.

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  • Dr. Michelle Ginsberg, chief of community epidemiology for San Diego County’s Health and Human Services Agency.