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Controversy Emerges Around Paradise Valley Hospital Sale

What happens when a hospital becomes a for-profit business? On Wednesday’s Full Focus, we’ll find out what the implications are for the South Bay’s struggling Paradise Valley Hospital and the publ

Should the South Bay’s 102-year-old nonprofit Paradise Valley Hospital be sold to a for-profit owner? Tomorrow, the California attorney general conducts a public meeting to get comments from doctors, patients, and community leaders.

Controversy continues to rage over the sale of Paradise Valley Hospital, a non-profit religious corporation, to two Delaware for-profit entities. Tonight we’ll talk about the concerns being raised over the proposed sale.

Paradise Valley Hospital serves a largely lower income Medicare and Medi-Cal population and is clearly in trouble with losses topping $5 million last year. After more than a century of operating the 301-bed facility, non-profit Adventist Health decided to sell to for-profit Prime Healthcare. That decision stirred up a hornet’s nest of opposition plus an offer from a competing group of doctors and investors who pledged to continue operating Paradise Valley as a non-profit. The offer was rejected. Tonight we’ll sort out what’s in the best interests of the thousands of patients who use the hospital. 



  • Fred Harder, former CEO of Paradise Valley Hospital and leader of Paradise Preservation Group, a group of physicians and investors who have submitted a counter offer to purchase hospital and keep it nonprofit
  • Nathan Kaufman, Managing Director of Kaufman Strategic Advisors