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The Super Bowl of Advertising

Advertising during the Super Bowl is what's on everyone's mind. $2.6 million is the magic number for a 30-second ad, and some of them are guaranteed to be made by amateurs. We’ll speak with the pres

The Super Bowl of Advertising

Tom Fudge: This weekend, the big dogs take the field and face off in a high-stakes contest. Yes, I'm talking about the Super Bowl. But I'm not talking about football. Because this Sunday is also the Super Bowl of American advertising. CBS television is charging advertisers $87,000 a second for airtime during the Super Bowl. This is the event where companies and ad firms pull out all the stops. Every company wants its ad to be the one that people talk about after the big game.

As a matter of fact, we're already talking about the ads that will be broadcast on Sunday. Joining me for that conversation right now is Kathy Cunningham. 



  • Kathy Cunningham , president of Advanced Marketing Strategies in San Diego