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Solutions for San Diego’s Homeless

Homelessness is a constant part of the San Diego landscape. It is the source of a wide variety of emotions and experiences for people to come in contact with. And, it can be a life of misery for the

Solutions for San Diego’s Homeless

Tom Fudge:  Jesus Christ said the poor will always be with us. And 2,000 years of history have not proven him wrong. In America today, we might say the same about the homeless. In many parts of San Diego they are simply a part of the landscape. This is especially true downtown. But it's also true in Hillcrest, Ocean Beach and other central neighborhoods. It's true of places like Carmel Valley and Rancho Peñasquitos, where migrant workers live in the canyons.

Some people have proposed plans for ending chronic homelessness, by targeting the mentally ill and chemically dependent. We'll hear from one of them this hour. But in the meantime, homelessness is part of San Diego life.



  • Father Joe Carroll, president of St. Vincent De Paul Village in Downtown San Diego
  • John Semerau, Hillcrest resident and member of the Hillcrest Town Council
  • John Suderman, vice president for operations with the San Diego Rescue Mission
  • Hannah Cohen, consultant specializing in homelessness and affordable housing who also worked with the local United-Way to draft a plan to end chronic homelessness in the region

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