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It’s All About Me!: New Study Exposes an Egotistical Generation

It's all about me! That seems to be the trend among college students today. According to a new study, today's college students are more narcissistic and self-centered than a generation ago. Full Focus

It’s the “all about me generation”: Generation Y, Generation Next, Echo Boomers, the Millenial Generation. Whatever you call them, chances are you've heard someone describe today's young people as self-centered, obsessed with fame, materialistic, and overconfident. Is that true? Several researchers decided to find out.

Their study says that today's college students are indeed more narcissistic and self-centered than a generation ago. On Full Focus we’ll talk with the study's lead author, Jean Twenge about the conclusions and what this trend means for American society.


  • Jean Twenge , professor of psychology at San Diego State University and author of Generation Me
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