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Survivors of Torture Live Among Us

Survivors of torture live among us and are rebuilding their lives in San Diego. This week, the California torture treatment centers launch a campaign to raise awareness about this hidden population. H

Since we live in a country that doesn't condone torture, it's hard to believe it’s institutionalized in many countries around the globe. There are a half million survivors of torture now living in the United States. In San Diego County, we have 11,000 survivors. These people have endured unspeakable abuse in their native lands. This week, the torture treatment centers across the state are joining together for a campaign to raise awareness about efforts to help survivors integrate into American society. On Full Focus we’ll hear one man's story and learn about the community of survivors in San Diego.


  • Majur Malou,  director of St. Luke's Sudanese Refugee Network
  • Maren Dougherty, public affairs director for Survivors of Torture