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Following the Terrorist Money Trail

Many Americans view 9/11 as an attack spawned from radical religious beliefs, but an economics expert says that the world really needs to be focusing on the economics of terror. We talk about the fin

Following the Terrorist Money Trail

Tom Fudge:  Terrorist acts don't just happen. They require imagination, planning and they require money. Since 9/11, a lot of people have asked where the money is coming from.  And the U.S. government has frozen assets where and when it can. But the global nature of the economy, and the shadowy nature of terrorist financing, has made following the money very difficult.  And sometimes, when officials follow the money, they don't like where they end up.

Political and economic realities often prevent the U.S. and its allies from shutting down terrorist funding sources. You can add to that the fact that, during the cold war, the United States actually participated in funding terrorist groups.


Loretta Napoleoni will speak about globalization: transnational terrorism and crime this evening at SDSU's Hardy Tower, Room 140, from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.


  • Loretta Napoleoni , best selling author of Terror Incorporated and Insurgent Iraq . She is a journalist, economist and subject matter expert on financing of terrorism and the Arabic world.

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