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CA Senator Kehoe Suggests Reform for Airport Authority

Why does California State Senator Christine Kehoe want to restructure the regional airport authority? Host Tom Fudge speaks to Sen. Kehoe about the motivation behind SB 10, and to current Airport Aut

CA Senator Kehoe Suggests Reform for Airport Authority

Tom Fudge: Last year, the San Diego airport authority put a proposition on the ballot to create a commercial airport at Miramar Air Station. And the proposition was soundly defeated at the polls. Does that mean the airport authority is out of touch with public opinion?

State Senator Chris Kehoe thinks the current airport authority is out of touch. And she's written Senate Bill 10 as a vehicle for reform. SB 10 would get rid of three executive positions on the airport board, which pay six figures. The bill would reduce the size of the board and require board members to be elected officials. It would also remove land use authority from the airport authority. 


Right now, Kehoe's proposal is getting a mixed response from local officials, whose support she will probably need to pass the bill in the legislature.