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Salton Sea Restoration Proposal Goes Before Calif. Legislature

The future of the Salton Sea may rest on a 75-year, $6.9 billion proposal from the California Resources Agency. We hear from California officials about why it is important to save this Imperial and R

Salton Sea Restoration Proposal Goes Before Calif. Legislature

Alison St John (Guest Host): If you've ever been to the Salton Sea in the Imperial Valley, you'll know that it's in trouble. The air quality is so bad you can seldom see the other side of the lake, and the brown water laps against stones that are encrusted in salts. Several plans have been put forward to save the Salton Sea, all involving millions of dollars.   The latest proposal -- which would spend $6 billion over 75 years -- is scheduled to go before the California Legislature any day now.


  • Mike Chrisman, California Secretary for Resources and chairman of the Salton Sea Advisory Committee.
  • Dale Hoffman-Floerke, chief of Colorado River and Salton Sea Office for the Department of Water Resources.

(Photo: An unknown substance stains the ground near the Salton Sea, Angela Carone/KPBS )