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San Diego State University Home to Prominent War Memorial

With the approach of Memorial Day, the focus turns to remembering those who have fought and died in wars involving the United States. One of the most prominent memorial tributes in San Diego is on the

San Diego State University Home to Prominent War Memorial

Alison St John (Guest Host): There is a tall, grey granite obelisk on the campus of San Diego State University. It stands unobtrusively in a plaza where students stream by, busy with their lives and only occasionally noticing the rows of names etched in the stone. The names are of SDSU students who went to war in World War II, Korea and Vietnam, and never came back.

Behind every name is a story, a story that librarian Robert Fike s spent a year of his life uncovering.  


San Diego State University's war memorial is located just north of the trolley station on campus and just west of Aztec Center. 


  • Robert Fikes , San Diego State University librarian.

(Photo: SDSU War Memorial. San Diego State University )