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Culture Lust by Angela Carone

Tragic Story from the Visual Arts World

This is such a tragic story . I've been haunted by it for days. What was happening in the lives of these two rising art stars that could have led to this?

Theresa Duncan

Theresa Duncan


By all accounts, Theresa Duncan was a vibrant intellectual and a stunning woman, who had found both professional and romantic fulfillment. You can read her writing on her blog, The Wit of the Staircase . The title refers to a French phrase that describes that witty, poignant retort that one comes up with after a conversation or debate is over. Duncan was a filmmaker as well, and the images on her blog were thoughtfully chosen.

Her partner, Jeremy Blake , was only 35 and already exhibiting at Los Angeles' Museum of Contemporary Art , the Museum of Modern Art , and the Whitney Museum of American Art.

After finding Duncan's body, investigators speculate that Blake walked into the water at New York's Rockaway Beach, never to reemerge. It's truly astounding what despair can do.

The LA Times reports some bizarre theories as to why the couple may have turn troubled.

-- Angela Carone produces arts and culture programming for These Days and Culture Lust . Please read our guidelines before posting comments.