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Trade Tech High Hopes to Dispel Myths About Vocational Schools

The option of high school vocational training instead of college preparatory courses has fallen by the educational wayside, except in Vista where a new North County Trade Tech High charter school is p

Trade Tech High Hopes to Dispel Myths About Vocational Schools

Maureen Cavanaugh (Guest Host): There was a time in the American educational system when students who were interested in working with their hands could take courses in carpentry or electricity. They went to vocational or trade schools and eventually became plumbers and electricians and mechanics. But over the past couple decades, vocational education went out of vogue. And today, we're paying they price with a shortage of skilled workers. But Vista has plans to create the new North County Trade Tech High School which would give students the option of studying trades.


  • Doreen Quinn , CEO of New Haven Youth and Family Services , a Vista social service agency providing live-in facilities for at-risk boys. She wrote the application for the new charter school in Vista. 
  • Sherry Yarbrough , executive director of the San Diego Apprenticeship Training Trust operated by Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc ., and is an industry representative on Trade Tech's advisory council.