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Balls of Fury


Extreme Ping Pong! Balls of Fury (Rogue Pictures)

Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant have been working together for more than a decade. They began creating sketch comedy in college as part of the comedy troupe The State. Then they went on to make the hit TV series Reno 911 . I met met up with Lennon and Grant at the San Diego Comic-Con last month to discuss their new comedy feature, Balls of Fury . They sat in an Omni Hotel room oddly situated next to a Baptist gathering. Needless to say the little old lady who accidentally wandered into the Balls of Fury pressroom was taken aback. But then these guys always find themselves in funny situations. Last year at the Comic-Con Reno 911: Miami panel they staged an assault on a fan and stole his badge. Garant says that he and Lennon mixed Ping-Pong with martial arts to create Balls of Fury.