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KPBS General Manager on Aguirre Inquiries

Off Mic

Today, we were in the news.

The Union Tribune ran a story on how City Attorney Michael Aguirre is questioning the cancellation of Full Focus as well as how participants are selected on Editors Roundtable .


There is something a little scary when the tables are turned and, suddenly, your news organization itself is the subject of a news story. I wanted to know what was going on. Nothing official has been said about this situation here at the KPBS building.

This morning, I interviewed KPBS General Manager Doug Myrland about the records requests.

Above is the audio from that 14-minute talk that I had with Doug. It's unedited for a reason -- I believe that the standards of transparency needs to be higher when a news organization looks into itself.

P.S. For those of you who got into the infamous conversation with Doug on Off Mic about the Full Focus cancellation, he addresses it about 9 minutes into the discussion.

Dan Stoddard
September 20, 2007 at 04:34 PM
Dear KPBS, Thank you for carrying the story of Mayor Jerry Sanders reversing his considered Veto of the City Council's vote to support "gay marriage" in our City. The Mayor and City Council have done the right thing and proudly represented their constituents in a fair and honest way. Thanks to them for having the courage of their convictions to do what is right. My Life's Partner, and I are looking forward to celebrating our 18th Anniversary on March 10th of 2008. We bought our home in the Rolando Community in 1991 and now are considered old timers of the neighborhood. We've put down deep roots and plan to spend the rest of our lives together in our recently remodeled and expanded home. As we age (I'm 56 and he is 58), we wonder what will happen to us in our very senior years, and what legal guarantees we can rely upon to support and maintain our loving commited relationship and our home. We have worked with attorneys at great expense to secure our Trust, Legal Power of Attorney, Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, and notations of our names on the Property Deed of the house we own together. And, of course, Federal Tax Code doesn't recognize our lives together and still has us filling separately as unrelated individuals. That smarts a little each time we read that. But like every other citizen, we also pay taxes to our government. In 2002, we registered our Domestic Partnership with the State of California and each year, the legislature passes measures to strengthen our Domestic Partnership. But since when does "separate but unequal" have a place in our legislature and our country's government? Were we to be given the same equal rights (no not special rights) of others in our society and were legally recognized in a Civil Marriage Ceremony by a Justice of the Peace, all our fears of possible loss would be ended. We are not interested in religious services nor in imposing our views on those who believe differently than we. After 18 years of sharing our live together, isn't it about time to call it what it is: a marriage between two loving, responsible, and committed adults, and to drop the barriers to same-sex couples marrying? Thank you for carrying this important story, especially important for a conservative society like San Diego City. Sincerely, Dan Stoddard San Diego, CA -----