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Sunroad Agrees to Lower Height of Controversial Office Building

Last night, Sunroad Enterprises announced that it will lower the height of its controversial office building near Montgomery Field. We speak to Mayor Jerry Sanders' communications director, and the ci

Sunroad Agrees to Lower Height of Controversial Office Building

Alison St John (Guest Host): At nine o’ clock last night, Sunroad announced it will agree to lower their building on the edge of Montgomery Field. It's big news in a story that has involved allegations of corruption at the city and lawsuits threatened that could cost the city of San Diego big time. The top stories of the Sunroad building is 20 feet higher than FAA height limits allow in order to maintain safety for pilots landing at the mid-city airfield. Mayor Sanders has issued a stop work order but only after a public outcry. Here's what the Sunroad letter says: "After much thought and consideration, Sunroad has notified the city of San Diego that we will comply under protest with their order to reduce the building height to an FAA approved height." At a time like this, being right is not enough. The Sunroad Centrum building has become a lightening rod of divisiveness in San Diego. 


  • Fred Sainz, communications director for San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders. 
  • Michael Aguirre, San Diego city attorney.