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Director's Cuts: Musical Interludes of the Week

Listen to the best musical interludes heard throughout the week on These Days. This week's picks include tracks from The Black Heart Procession, Sue Palmer, The Meters, The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Fel

Director's Cuts: Musical Interludes of the Week

Musical interludes heard this week on These Days :

Artist:  The Black Heart Procession
Song:  The Waiter #5
Album:  The Spell
Year:  2006


Artist:  Sue Palmer
Song:  Down the Road a Piece
Album:  Boogie Woogie Motel Swing
Year:  1999

Song:  Ease Back
Artist:  The Meters
Album:  The Meters
Year:  1999 (Re-issue)

Artist:  The Beatles
Song:  Can't Buy Me Love
Album:  A Hard Day's Night
Year:  1964

Artist:  Frank Sinatra
Song:  Love and Marriage
Album:  The Best of Frank Sinatra, The Capitol Years
Year:  1992

Artist:  Fela Kuti
Song:  Mattress
Album:  Noise For Vendor Mouth
Year:  1975


Artist:  Tommy Guerrero
Song:  The Under Dog
Album:  From the Soil to the Soul
Year:  2006

Artist:  Gene Harris and the Three Sounds
Song:  I'm Still Sad
Album:  Live at the 'It' Club
Year:  1970