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Culture Lust Is Back

There were some moments to celebrate while Culture Lust was away & hellip; the San Diego Theater Critics Circle had a fancy awards ceremony on Monday night at the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art. Among the standout awards were: Cygnet's Yellowman , which won for Best Dramatic Production and Lead Performance in a Play by a female (for Monique Gaffney). The Old Globe won 14 awards in all, including Outstanding Musical for A Catered Affair . New Village Arts Sailor's Song won a number of awards, including Best Direction and Best Ensemble. & New Village will be doing Sailor's Song again in August of this year, so those of us who missed it can make up for the oversight.

There were two special awards given Monday night. The late Floyd Gaffney was honored as a longtime advocate for African-American theater in this city. & And The Old Globe's Artistic Director Emeritus Jack O'Brien received a lifetime achievement award. & The Critics Circle produced one of those retrospective career videos for O'Brien, which was really fun to watch. & Then O'Brien gave a witty and eloquent acceptance speech, saying that San Diego will always be his home and reminding the theater community that he cut his teeth here, making all of his accomplishments and accolades possible. & He then thanked Craig Noel for being a father figure for him, since O'Brien lost his father when he was young. & It was a touching moment.

I'm a sucker for awards ceremonies, always have been. &


So welcome back... there will be more to come today. & I have to make up for three days of culture lost.

By the way, if you haven't noticed, look to the right. & I now have TAGS! & It's the little things in life... &