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Changing Attitudes Toward Sex in America

It is no secret: Americans are having sex. Brian Alexander and Mike McCall pull back the curtain to discuss sexual behaviors in the U.S. and how attitudes toward sex have changed over the decades.

Changing Attitudes Toward Sex in America

Tom Fudge: Sex in America, and probably around the world, is governed by many customs and taboos: from the awkward rituals of the teenage date to decisions of how to care for that by-product of sex, children. The popular myth of sex in America is that everything has changed. Today, we're much freer about it. Homosexuality is okay. Premarital sex is not just okay, it's expected. Yet, our relationship with sex seems to have become rather schizophrenic.

Socially, in most circles, we still don't talk about it much. Yet, in the commercial realm, sex has a constant presence. It's the subject of countless TV shows, magazine articles, and it's used endlessly to sell products. We're repressed, and yet we're obsessed.


During the rest of this hour we talk about where our society comes from, sexually, and where we're going. And what has happened to the so-called Sexual Revolution?