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Holy Apostrophes Batman!

Who stole all my apostrophes? (Twentieth Century Fox)

REWARD OFFERED FOR RECOVERY OF MISSING APOSTROPHES! If you are holding them hostage, please return them to me. No questions asked.

In an attempt to save my reputation -- and spare me the embarrassment of having my high school English teacher chew me out -- I am making this announcement. Someone has stolen all the apostrophes from my blog! Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration. As you can see (hopefully) there was an apostrophe in that last sentence. But if you look at any reviews prior to the Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend... well, the apostrophes might be M.I.A. To be honest, they weren't stolen. They simply vanished; possibly abducted by apostrophe-starved aliens. One person commented that commas had disappeared as well. What next? Semi-colons take a holiday? The reason for all the punctuation upheaval is that when KPBS moved all my reviews from one server to another, apparently all the apostrophes  (and who knows what else) took a hike. Now we are trying to put them all back. But, as you might guess, it's a slow, painful process with new problems popping up along the way. So please be patient as we go about our repairs. I assure you that I do know what apostrophes are and hope to have them all back in place soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Now where did I put my serial commas...