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Mumblecore Creator on DIY Filmmaking

The latest movement to emerge out of the independent film scene is called mumblecore. These films are made with small budgets, non-trained actors, and have a low-fi look. Andrew Bujalski is credited

Mumblecore Creator on DIY Filmmaking

Tom Fudge: David Brin, a futurist, novelist and an occasional guest on These Days says that the 20th Century was the age of the professional, but the 21st Century may be the age of the amateur. The tremendous availability of technology, particularly the Internet, is contributing to this. There's a movement in this country called DIY, or Do it Yourself. You could argue that mumblecore is one expression of this new trend.

Mumblecore refers to a new kind of filmmaking. It's low budget, and I mean very low budget. The movies are made by amateurs and star amateur actors. The dialogue is often improvised and the storyline can often be quite meandering.


Sushi's Cinema Lounge will be showing mumblecore films tonight at Basic Urban Kitchen on 10th Avenue. Show starts at 7 p.m. and will include a Q&A with Andrew Bujalski.


  • Andrew Bujalski, filmmaker credited with starting the mumblecore style. His films Funny Ha Ha and Mutual Appreciation are ex38les of the mumblecore independent film movement.