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Live from New York, it's Politics Tonight!

NPR's Cokie Roberts joined us on Morning Edition as she does most Monday mornings. She outlined the crucial nature of the Democratic presidential primaries coming up tomorrow. But she also talked about the "Saturday Night Live" factor that's cropping up in the Democratic race. Apparently, political pundits are doing some soul-searching about whether or not they've been giving Barack Obama a free ride. And it's all because of a sketch on Saturday Night Live.

Last week's publicity over Britian's Prince Harry serving in Afghanistan was more than we've heard about "the other war" in a long time. Today, Morning Edition began a week-long series of reports on Afghanistan . In today's first report, came a challenge to the Karsai regime to step up and take charge. The NPR description of this series includes the sentence, "It's been seven years since US troops ousted the Taliban..." Seven Years! I could hardly believe it. Now, I did some fast math and it's not technically seven years until this November. But it's close enough. That certainly got my eyes opened this morning.

And be sure to check your spouts! Our Sacramento reporter Ben Adler told us about an Alfalfa Sprouts recall affecting several manufacturers including those sold at Trader Joe's. The sprouts could be infected with salmonella. Who knew my selection of avocado instead of sprouts was actually the healthy choice?