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There are few modern political heroes, but one of mine has definitely been James Carville.

The “Ragin’ Cajun” is the star of the documentary “The War Room” and, although not quite single handedly, he still masterminded former President Bill Clinton’s first campaign for the position of “most powerful man in the world.”  If you haven’t checked out this movie, and don’t mind seeing a Democrat win the presidency, please check it out.

James Carville is whip smart, articulate, and tough as nails. Over the years he’s appeared as the lone liberal on countless Sunday morning political talk shows (not counting any station bias, for those believing in a liberal media) and he filleted right wing punditry better than a master sushi chef on display.


I have held Carville in such high regards for so many years that I even pleaded with him in a letter before the 2004 election to run for president. This is a man who is so cool he appeared in JFK Jr.’s politically inspired magazine, George , where I remember Carville saying if he were elected president, every Tuesday would be red-beans-and-rice day.

Although the menu pleased me, it wouldn’t have been the sole reason he would’ve received my vote. I even love that he married Republican consultant Mary Matalin because it just shows how secure he is in his beliefs.

Alas, after so many years on a pedestal, Mr. Carville has at last finally let me down.