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Judge Jan Goldsmith On Running for City Attorney

Who is Jan Goldsmith, and why does he appear to be the Republican front-runner for San Diego city attorney? Judge Goldsmith joins us in-studio to talk about his legal career, his political background,

Judge Jan Goldsmith On Running for City Attorney

Tom Fudge: Judges are elected officials in California, but judges don't need to spend a lot of time campaigning. In fact, it seems like a judge needs to do something outrageously corrupt to actually be voted out of office. In light of that, you could say that Jan Goldsmith has been out of the political game for ten years, because that's how long he's been a San Diego County district judge.

But back in the day, Goldsmith served three terms as a California assemblyman from North County, and he's the former mayor of Poway. Now, he's back in politics big time, running in what's probably the most contentious election in the region this year. He's running for San Diego city attorney, trying to unseat incumbent Mike Aguirre.


Polls show that Goldsmith has support in many parts of the city. He has been endorsed by the Republican Party. But what does he stand for?


  • Judge Jan Goldsmith , candidate for San Diego city attorney. Goldsmith has served as a Superior Court Judge since 1998.