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Obama and Clinton Face Off in Pennsylvania

How important is Pennsylvania to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton's hopes of winning the Democratic nomination for president? What kind of impact will the protracted Democratic contest have on that pa

Obama and Clinton Face Off in Pennsylvania

Tom Fudge: There have been a lot of jokes over the years about Democrats, most of them accusing the party of being scatterbrained and quarrelsome. The old comedian Will Rogers once said he wasn't a member of an organized political party, he was a Democrat.

But when Democrats look at the continuing fight over this year's presidential nomination, they may be suffering some frustration. Today's Pennsylvania primary could end things, and that's likely to happen if Barack Obama wins. But an Obama win in Pennsylvania is unlikely. Depending on the size of the predicted Hillary Clinton victory, the party's super delegates may have a very tough decision to make.


Do they let the battle continue, or do they tell one of the candidates it's time to take a hit for the good of the team. In other words, step aside and give the other side the victory.